Our Leadership Team

Mohamad Fachri

Chief Executive Officer

Mohamad Fachri's career began after graduating from the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia. He created several companies under Pitjarus Teknologi and has been expanding Pitjarus to other countries since 2019. Fachri has deep concerns about data protection, as highlighted in his thesis on personal data protection while pursuing his MBA at ITB.

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Ikhwanur Septiadi

Chief Operating Officer

as COO, He is responsible for maintaining operations and ensuring smooth day-to-day execution. with more than 100.000 active users Pitjarus is the biggest and the most sophisticated field force automation in Southeast Asia.

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Yuris Pramanik

Chief Information Officer

Founded a company with Fachri in 2012, and graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia. As CIO, he needs to make sure of data quality and updated technology adaption in Pitjarus products.

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Kenneth Maynard

Chief Technology Officer

In his position as a CTO, he was the first one to develop Image Recognition Technology in 2012 that is now used by clients of Pitjarus. Being in charge of the development, he ensures to preserve product quality.

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Faisal Hafizz

Research and Development Director

As a Research and Development Director with more than 25 team members under his leadership, he is committed to ensuring that the company consistently meets every project deadline and incorporates new technologies in the near future.

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Greetings from Our Board of Director

"In Pitjarus, We're on a Mission to Improve Life Quality of Sales People"